John wanting to explore absolutely every inch of Sherlock’s body when he finally gets him to bed, so he pins Sherlock’s arms to the mattress and nuzzles into his armpit, inhaling deeply, and then licks his way down Sherlock’s ribs, tracing his tongue gently over each one. Then he moves to Sherlock’s belly, sucking on his navel and down the soft hairs on his abdomen, swerving left for a moment to lick at Sherlock’s hip freckle, but purposefully omitting his straining erection, as he moves further south to suck on his groin and his inner thighs, licking down Sherlock’s legs, under his knees and then sucking each and every one of his toes. Only when Sherlock whines and moans “John, please” does he move back up, sucking gently at Sherlock’s perineum and slowly making his way down to Sherlock’s hole, circling his tongue over it teasingly, only to go back and take one of Sherlock’s balls into his mouth. And finally, finally, when Sherlock is a sobbing, breathy mess, he takes his cock into his mouth and starts sucking, circling his tongue over Sherlock’s slit and taking as much of his cock as he can, until Sherlock is practically weeping and coming hard and fast into John’s smiling mouth.


I’m still so compromised about John wanting to sleep in the same cell as Sherlock at the cost of sleeping on the floor like?????????? I know it’s not undeniable canon but it’s so plausible why would they put them in a cell with one bunk for the night in a London police station like?? ? It makes no sense ????????? And I miss John actively taking care of Sherlock I miss it so much and that is so real?? I’m never like ‘I believe this not canonically confirmed hypothesis 100%’ but I do with this, it’s so like John to do that or like John used to be, and like he was drunk so he would be more true to himself than he let himself be after Sherlock’s return and it’s a perfectly logical explanation ????

I’m legitimately so



do me a favour. if a person wearing a long sleeved shirt or a sweatshirt and jeans on a hot day, don’t comment on it. don’t ask why they’re wearing it. don’t say anything at about it.

trust me, they know it’s hot, they know. but their reason for wearing what they’re wearing probably far outweighs the temperature outside.

this is so god damn important


these are the first four pages of a commissioned short comic, asked by jonnyluvssherlock! this was very fun to make, since I already wanted to work on this story for myself C:

since this is a very sexual comic, I’m going to cut it in two pieces. you guys can read the rest here:

1) files hosted online » click this link (click on the first file, and from the new tab it opens, you’ll be able to zoom in each page, and click on next to see the following ones - it’s 14 pages long)

2) my nsfw side-blog » link

(I’m going to post a very odd extra asap, keep your eyes peeled, bottomlock fans)

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