John coming into Sherlock’s bedroom in the morning while he’s asleep to leave a cup of tea by his bed before smoothing down his hair and pressing a kiss to his temple while he thinks it’s safe. Sherlock reaches out and catches John’s wrist in his sleep as he tries to move away. When he attempts to pry himself free, Sherlock’s eyes flutter open and meet John’s, looking drowsy and unaware still. John lowers his gaze to the floor and tries to move away again in his embarrassment but Sherlock whispers “stay” and the terrified vulnerability in his voice is what tips John over the edge of acceptance. Sherlock shifts over and John lies down in the newly empty space, hesitating before shifting towards Sherlock who wraps his arms around John’s waist and tucks his neck under John’s chin before allowing his eyes to drift closed again, soothed by the feeling of being content and safe in John’s arms.