Also, this: can we just think for a second about them always ordering the same things? 

Alternative theory: Sherlock doesn’t order his own food when he’s on a case (as seen in ASiP/GayPilot) but John always tries to make him eat, so he manages to get Sherlock to eat a little by feeding him bites from his plate *^_^*

John: “You need to eat something!”

Sherlock: “No, you need to eat. I need to think.”

John: “Just a little bite…” (holds out forkful of food to Sherlock)

Sherlock: “John, the brain is what counts. Everything else is transport.”

John: (sets his mouth into a hard line, prods the fork closer to Sherlock’s mouth)

Sherlock: (sighs and rolls his eyes) “Fine.” (takes the bite) “Happy?”

John: (settles back into his chair with a smug grin) “Very.”

Will there be any John feeding Sherlock in OWAN? I’m just trying to picture this now… (^_~) 
P.S. I spent a few good (delightful!) hours this afternoon going through all your archived art posts. Again. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of revisiting your gorgeous art ♥ Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


You are so sweet, thank you!

And I LOVE this idea. Head canon totally accepted.